Inspiration from inspirational people

Written on July 14, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

We asked students, professors and program direction connected with the IE Brown Executive MBA what inspires them.  Amazing answers from amazing people:


Meet Francesco, current student, IE Brown Executive MBA

Written on July 11, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

Hear why Francesco, with a strong career in retail and private banking across many countries in Europe, values the combination of this Executive MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and the uniqueness of the Liberal Arts. How can a global leader like Francesco benefit not only from a broad economic view of the world, but also from a human one?



Written on June 22, 2011 by alaba.dayo in News

By Alaba, London, UK – Current student of the IE Brown Executive MBA

After 3 months of juggling, reprioritizing and basically having no life (work/study/life), I am getting ready to return for the 2nd Residential period of the IE Brown EMBA (aka Welcome to Hell part 2 of 7) in Providence and it feels markedly different from the first time I went.  None of the mad rush and panic of trying to do 1001 things in one day.  None of the very early and very late work nights trying to compensate for a 2 week absence.   Work is less busy this time  around, I am more familiar with the course and of course our group has settled down nicely and is working very well.  Now, I also have an able assistant called IPAD that goes everywhere with me, and I use terms such as  dropbox, blackboard, good reader, and acronyms such as CS, ME, & LPO as if they’ve been part of my vocabulary all my life.

As a result I am mostly packed 2 days before my departure as opposed to 2 hours.  Of course it wouldn’t be the same course if I didn’t have a 90 minute video to watch, a book to read, readings in preparation for the residential classes – thus my new mantra – I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Never a truer thing has been said than “We’re all in this together.”   What has got me through these last 3 months was the knowledge that 23 other people (my fellow pirates) were going through similar trials, tribulations and emotions.  After months of online interactions, conference calls, skyping, and e-mails – we all finally get to catch up face-to-face and on the same time zone.  I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone (including the course team) and spending more time in the hotel bar than the last time.  I might even get to see the museum this time.

Roll on Providence


Prof. Marco Trombetta, current faculty member, IE Brown Executive MBA

Written on June 21, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

Hear from Professor Trombetta, Professor of Financial Accounting, on the relevance of combining business education with the liberal arts and how the IE Brown Executive MBA is bringing the human being back to the center of management for today’s business leaders.

Kudos to Cory Abbe, Brown University ’13, for her production work on this video.


Learn to think continentally (~ Alexander Hamilton)

Written on June 10, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

By Daniel Prada, Brown University ’12

What does it mean to incorporate humanities in the context of an MBA education? What value is there in an exposure to disciplines outside of traditional areas of business? Take a moment to listen to Mark Blyth, Professor of Political Economy at Brown University, draw on the history and the political economy of post-financial-crisis austerity programs to challenge conventional notions of its benefits.

As a member of the IE Brown Executive MBA faculty, Professor Blyth’s ideas reiterate the growing need for the next generation of leaders to successfully place mainstream business theories and practices in a social, cultural and political context. In a dynamic, complex, and networked global economy, Brown University and IE Business School are seeking to develop executives able to adapt to the ever-changing environments. These leaders will add value, not by simply putting best business practices to use, but by understanding the interrelation between disparate issues through the process of critical inquiry.

Our businesses do not live in a silo, separated from culture, politics, or society. So why should our minds?


The essence of the IE Brown Executive MBA

Written on May 19, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

Hear from Dean Santiago Iñiguez, VP for International Affairs Matt Gutmann, Professors and Students about the rip-roaring new program that marks a new milestone in management education. What makes this program stand out? Let’s start from its blended learning methodology (part face-to-face, part online), the power of an experienced class from around the globe and expert faculty from business, anthropology, theatre, art, politics and engineering backgrounds – to name but a few….

Regina, Carlos, Francesco, Myah, Markeith, Mary – you’re up!


Creativity and Innovation in the IE Brown Executive MBA

Written on May 16, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

Prior to starting the Cultivating Conditions for Innovation and the Creative Process class, some of our students were a little sceptical . ‘I don’t think I am very creative’ was one of the student’s comments. After the first session, this comment changed to ‘It completely opened my mind and allowed me to think outside of my norm’…Watch the feedback from the class and see how the IE Brown Executive MBA and Brown’s renowned Professors of Art, Richard Fishman and Ian Gonsher are unleashing the creativity of 24 senior managers…. 


Meet Bill, current student of the IE Brown Executive MBA

Written on May 4, 2011 by Vani Nadarajah in News

Meet Bill, current student on the IE Brown Executive MBA and hear about his arts background, his career in IT, his thoughts on his fellow classmates and his expectations of the program.


The Balancing Act (by Markeith)

Written on May 2, 2011 by markeith.williams in News

One of the most interesting things about learning in the IE Brown Executive MBA is learning to prioritize. Having so many professional and accomplished classmates can be an interesting laboratory for observation. As we have each gone back into our routines after the intense residential period, many have acquired an interesting perspective on time management. While some prefer to keep things loose and informal others among us cherish strict almost military type regimens. However, one thing remains constant we all enjoy putting time in our day to speak with our classmates, who have become one of the greatest resources in the program. So while balancing work and family takes a great deal of discipline, balancing new friendship does as well.


I asked you first (by myah)

Written on April 30, 2011 by myah m. i. in News

Always been an inquisitive person. The annoying kid sister asking WAY too many questions. But lately I have had so many thoughts in my head.

What… How… Who… Why… Why… Why…

How do I turn my mind off long enough to rest? This program has elevated my curiosity to a whole new level. I look at everything and wonder about the process it took to get there… every concept, every theory, every idea in play.

“The world is my classroom.” Hah.

Such a common saying. Amazing how a few months in and already my perspective has significantly changed. I can’t say that the global economy is a walk in the park, but I do have more hope on how we might (as leaders) re-write this story.

Over a week ago, sitting with our “Executive-in-Residence” Richard. Entrepreneur. Thoughtful. Brilliant indeed. Such a bonus to visit. I was having some difficulties applying a few of the theories from class into my work. And like magic he says, “It’s about using raw materials to produce something meaningful and of value.”

Now, wait… why didn’t I think of that? Uh Richard, one more question!

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